It’s Biking Season!

So it is pretty odd to have a three year old that enjoys biking, possibly riding a scooter and maybe even attempting to skateboard, right? Well this toddler has mastered all three. Norman is a three year old French Herding dog from Atlanta, Georgia and he is your go-to dog for entertainment. While his talents started out as a hobby for Norman, it quickly became a career. His owner joked that she is more of a personal assistant to Norman than a dog owner. He has made appearances at countless parties, Mardi Gras and even the Super Bowl. Lock up your bikes with this guy around, you never know if he’ll take off with your ride!

Although not many bikes are stolen by dogs (none as it turns out, I have investigated), bike theft is on the rise in Rochester as thefts spiked last spring and summer. There are ways to protect your wheels though! Purchasing a “U” lock is always a great measure, as these locks are much harder to cut than a chain lock. Make sure that you lock your wheel along with the rest of your bike, as wheels are easily removable. Lastly, register your bike! The Rochester Police Department is offering free bicycle registration! All you need is your bike’s serial number. If your bike is unfortunately stolen, the Police have a much better chance of tracking it down if it is registered. Just go to the website below to get started!

Have a wonderful Spring!