Monthly Archives: May 2017

It’s the perfect time for a day trip!

Now that the weather is reminding us of why we live in Minnesota it is time to get out and enjoy it. There are a lot of great places near by that offer a fun day or night out. You may want to check one or all of them out.

Take a little trip to Berne for a wood fire pizza.  It is picnic style and outdoors and musicians play on the outdoor stage starting at 6:30.  Here is a link to check out their website.


What could be better than music and pizza…. well maybe music and wine.  If you love a relaxing evening outdoors listening to music and drinking a little wine then Whitewater Wines is the place for you.  Their summer music schedule comes out tomorrow.  Every Saturday evening they provide free music, you just purchase the wine from the wide variety on their wine list, all produced right on site.    Here is the link to their website.

If you are looking for a little (or a lot of) exercise and excitement then climbing the Elba Fire Tower might be for you. Just a little northeast of Rochester,  it’s free to the public and has around 700 steps up through the woods just to get to the fire tower.  It’s a serious workout.  Then, only if you are not afraid of heights, dare to climb the fire tower, the views are unbelievably beautiful.  You will definitely feel like you’ve earned a dinner out after all that exercise.  Here is the link:

As long as you are in the area there is a fabulous place to pick up your spring flowers.  I make the trek annually.  It’s called Pork and Plants and it’s in Altura, just up the road from the Fire Tower.  It offers home grown meat and the most beautiful flowers.  I recommend checking it out.  Here is the link:


I hope some of these places intrigue you enough to go check them out.  We are lucky to have a lot of fun places to visit that are so close by.  So happy exploring this summer!

Until next time.  ~Katherine