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Rochester to dedicate new history park & completed veterans park

Scott Tady, Beaver County Times

ROCHESTER — On Memorial Day, Rochester will dedicate its two new parks by the roundabout at 9:30 a.m.

After that will come an open house at the Rochester Heritage Society & Museum at noon.

The borough’s new History Park is where the former Veterans Park was at the roundabout. 

With funding from a state grant, Rochester, in partnership with the museum, created a huge granite map of Rochester in the center of History Park, held up by a brick stand embedded with H.C. Fry Glass Co. glass shards. 

Ten history panels are in place, each one covering a historic aspect of Rochester, such as the world-renowned Fry Glass plant and other glass companies, schools, churches, transportation, athletes, hotels, the town of Rochester, noteworthy citizens and entertainment.

“We also had a brick fundraiser for the museum and they are in place around the center map,” Michelle Long, president of the Rochester Heritage Society and Museum, said.

Across the street is the second completed park, Veterans Park, also by the roundabout. Rochester officials and museum representatives will attend the event.

“This project has been a three-year adventure,” Long said. 

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This article originally appeared on Beaver County Times: Rochester to dedicate new history park & completed veterans park


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Posted: May 10, 2021 4:22 PM

Posted By: Mike Bunge

ROCHESTER, Minn. – The Rochester Downtown Alliance says it planning for Thursdays Downtown to return as a live, in-person event.

The annual exhibition of live entertainment, arts, and food went virtual in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but efforts are now underway to resume live events on two stages starting July 9 and running through September 9.

“We know there is great desire to gather together again with our community at this annual event following this challenging year,” says Holly Masek, executive director of the Rochester Downtown Alliance. “And in light of the governor’s goal of lifting restrictions by July, we’re anticipating a great turnout of both vendors and attendees.”

Organizers say Thursdays Downtown will occur in its previous event layout—1st Avenue Southwest and Northwest, 3rd Street Southwest, and Peace Plaza. If downtown construction should impact that layout, the Rochester Downtown Alliance says it will adjust accordingly.

Plans are for COVID safety precautions to be in place, such as hand-sanitizing stations, and all local, state and federal guidelines will be followed.

“Our goal is for all event vendors and attendees to feel safe at Thursdays Downtown,” says Masek. “For many, Thursdays Downtown may be their first time in a large crowd in more than a year. We will strive to make the experience as stress-free as possible and will take extra precautions as needed.”


You Can See The Second ‘Supermoon’ of the Year This Month

By Jada Jackson

Wed, May 5, 2021, 5:30 PM

As we enter into May, we will once again have a Supermoon to look forward to. The Blood Supermoon (also known as the “Flower Moon”) will appear later this month. It’s predicted to be the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year, with a full lunar eclipse accompanying it. Here’s what you need to know about this supermoon’s origins, when you can expect to see it this month, and how you can view it from the comfort of your home.

The Flower Moon will be its biggest at 7:14 AM( EDT) Wednesday, May 26. However, the eclipse will occur earlier before that, at 4:46 AM EDT and the eclipses will be darkest (this is when you will see the moon at its darkest red shade) at 5:45 AM EDT. You can find out when the eclipse/Superblood moon will appear where you live with this eclipse lookup tool.

How to See It Live From Your Home

You might not be able to get stargazing later this month but you can still view the supermoon live from your home. The website Time and Date will have a livestream going on this Wednesday 26 for anyone who wants to view this Mays Blood Supermoon. Set yourself a reminder for this one because you don’t want to miss it!

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