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Rochester, MN is the Best City for Registered Nurses

Today, AdvisorSmith, a leading information resource for small businesses, released a study ranking 375 U.S. cities based on their attractiveness for Registered Nurses. The study considered the following data: • Average salaries for registered nurses • Availability of nursing jobs in each city • Cost of living Key Findings • The #1 city for registered nurses was Rochester, Minnesota, which is home to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, a nonprofit academic medical center. • The top cities in the report hosted regional medical centers that employed many nurses. These medical centers offered substantial career opportunities for registered nurses and also benefited from a combination of high salaries or low costs of living. • The top large cities for Registered Nurses were Modesto, CA, McAllen, TX, and Augusta, GA. The top midsize cities were Rochester, MN, Flint, MI, and Redding, CA. The top small cities were Bay City, MI, Bloomsburg, PA, and Lima, OH. The first choice for Registered Nurses:

Rochester, MN Rank: 1 Annual Wage: $77920 Cost of Living: 101 Location Quotient: 3.26

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