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Google to open office in downtown Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. — Google will be opening its first office in Minnesota later this year in Rochester.

As part of a partnership with Mayo Clinic, Google will be opening up an office at Collinder Coworking in the Conley-Maass-Downs building in downtown Rochester.

“Part of what drew us to partner with Google was our shared cultures of collaboration,” said chief information officer of Mayo Clinic Cris Ross in a press release. “While the pandemic has accelerated usage of many valuable forms of remote collaboration and virtual health services, it has also caused us to truly appreciate in-person experiences and connection. We’re excited to have this physical space designed to deepen our bond and facilitate innovation, where Google engineers will work side by side with Mayo Clinic researchers, physicians, information technology staff and data scientists, to apply advanced computing techniques to health care problems.”

While officials say the office will be opening later this year, no specific timetable has been established due to COVID-19 guidelines.

“Google putting down roots in Minnesota will provide sustained economic opportunity not only for the Rochester area, but for our entire state,” Gov. Tim Walz said in a release. “This partnership with the Mayo Clinic reinforces Minnesota’s reputation as a welcoming state for innovation and economic opportunity. We welcome Google to our community.”

Author: David Griswold

Published: 1:12 PM CST February 18, 2021

Updated: 1:12 PM CST February 18, 2021

(131) Mayo Clinic says Google searches can help predict COVID-19 hotspots – YouTube

America’s Biggest Ice Maze is Only 90 Minutes from Rochester Minnesota!

Sick of sitting at home? Looking for something fun to do with your family? If you’ve got a bad case of cabin fever you should make plans to pack up your family and head up to Stillwater to check out this 114’ x 72’ Ice Palace/Maze. 1,500 blocks of ice were used to create what is said to be the largest Ice Maze in the country. Organizers say it is a safe and fun outdoor family winter event.

According to their website, the maze features 1/2 mile of passageways and a giant 36-foot slide at the exit. Refreshments like hot chocolate and s’mores will be available and there is an ice bar serving alcoholic drinks.

As long as the weather cooperates, the maze will be open from Jan. 22 – Feb. 28th. Hours of operation will be 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM on Tuesdays through Fridays and noon to 10:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays. Only 100 people will be allowed in at a time and masks will be required.

Tickets are $15 for ages 13 and up, $10 for ages 5-12, and free for children under 4. Tickets are available online and at the gate. Free parking will be available.

Travel Tip – If you’re going to Stillwater, hit up Acapulco. They have amazing Mexican food and gigantic beers!

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After months indoors, a little outdoor activity like ice skating at one of Rochester’s many rinks is the perfect escape.

Written By: John Sievers | Feb 3rd 2021 – 6pm.

Jessica Schmitt enjoys skating several times a week with her 10-year-old daughter, Lucy.

“The oval at Soldiers Field is well maintained and very atmospheric, especially at night with the Christmas lights,” she said. “For nighttime skating, we recently learned how to turn on the huge overhead lights, too, so that makes it feel safe. Ultimately, you really can’t beat the views of the city from Soldiers Field!”

Schmitt said she appreciates the equitable access to this free activity, and it’s helped her learn to enjoy Minnesota’s coldest season.

“I like the feeling of adventure when I’m out skating,” said Maggie Panetta, who grew up a few blocks away from Soldiers Field.

Panetta has been skating since her mom brought her to the rink when she was 4. She skated with the Rochester Figure Skating Club at the Recreation Center for 14 years and became a competitive synchronized skater. She currently coaches all ages.

Phirum Pheak, who learned to skate at the Rec Center with a walker when he was 11, likes to be adventurous with his skating. In addition to warm clothes and skates, he brings shovels and brooms on his outings.

“I really enjoy natural ice the best,” he said.

Cascade Lake and Chester Woods Park are two of Pheak’s favorite places to skate. He’ll shovel his own course.

“It took a lot of manual labor, but it was worth it,” he said. “The maintenance is much easier than the creation … The rink was shaped to how the land laid, and gives it an organic feel.”

You can find Pheak’s skating locations on the Tandem Wellness Facebook page, which he created to share his perspective on humanity and nature.

The ice is nice around Rochester, so get out there and enjoy that cold weather while it lasts. Soon enough, summer will be upon us, and we’ll all long for the sounds of steel carving slick ice.

Where can I skate in Rochester?

  • Soldiers Field Park Skating Oval and Hockey Rinks, 244 E. Soldiers Field Drive SW (recreational skating only on the oval)
  • Allendale Park Hockey Rink, 3000 18th Ave. NW
  • Manor Park Hockey Rink, 4238 Manor Park Drive NW
  • Lincolnshire Park Hockey Rink, 5276 Members Pkwy. NW
  • Viking Park Hockey Rink, Second Avenue and 26th Street Northwest
  • Northern Heights Park Hockey Rink, 900 22nd St. NE
  • Withers Sports Complex Hockey/Broomball Rinks, 2021 Mayowood Road SW
  • Bear Creek Park Hockey Rink, 1237 Marion Road SE
  • Southern Woods Park Studio Rink, 4982 11th Ave. SW (exclusively for studio skating — no hockey allowed)

Where can I get skates?

While skates are offered online and at most big-box sporting goods stores, several local businesses in Rochester sell them, too. Ama la Vita, formerly known as Blades to Ballet, in the Hillcrest Shopping Center, has a great selection of figure skates and also sells used skates. The Sports Headquarters on South Broadway also offers skates, including a selection of hockey skates and used skates. Discount stores like Savers or Salvation Army sometimes have skates.

Skating tips from a pro

  • If you are a new skater, please wear a helmet. It’s not embarrassing to protect yourself!
  • You should always keep your blades dry after skating. Use any household towel or yoga towel to dry your blades right away.
  • You’ll want soakers (soft guards) to help soak up moisture and protect the blades when you’re not skating. Keeping your blades exposed can be dangerous. Hard guards are used for walking around off the ice, not for storing skates.
  • Sharpen new skates right away, and old skates at least once a year. Bumpy, outdoor ice can damage blades over time.
  • Thin or microfiber socks are a must. Avoid thick wool or heavy-duty socks, which can make your skate feel too tight, leading to cold feet and blisters.
  • Tie your skates tightest at the ankle crease, keeping it snug on the ankle for support.
  • When you get new skates, heat them up with a hair dryer and walk around in them at home. You’ll get more comfortable in them this way, and create a more custom fit. Your guide to Rochester’s skating spots | Post Bulletin