Monthly Archives: October 2015

Save on Your Electric Bill!

Hello All!

Now that winter is on it’s way and saving money is always great; I figured I would find some tips for saving on your electric bill!

1. Change you furnace filter!

Not only is it important for the maintenance of your home, it helps save on the efficiency of your appliances. We usually recommend to residents that your switch these out at least once a month! Sometimes life gets busy and filters get forgotten, if you notice a lot of dust accumulation around your home, that is usually a good indicator that it may need replacing!

2. Buy Energy Star-certified products!

One of the easiest Energy Star products to buy is light bulbs! While there are plenty of other appliances that are Energy-Star-certified out there, light bulbs are a very easy first step! What is even cooler about Energy Star products (besides the fact that they save you $$$) is that they do not cost any more than non-certified products!

3. Use a power strip!

Reduce your vampire costs! There is always a portion of your bill that gets eaten up from “vampire costs”. Although you may turn off your TV and other electronics before you go to sleep or scurry off to work, they are still using electricity! By plugging electronics and other appliances into a power strip, simply turning off the whole power strip will save on these vampire costs!

4. Mind your fridge!

There is actually a lot that you could do with your fridge to save on money. Obviously, turning the temperature down on your fridge will save on money. Clean behind and under your fridge often, paying attention to the coils. Keep your fridge stocked and let leftover food cool before putting it in the fridge!

5. Manage your thermostat!

In the winter months, it might just pay off to layer up and opt for blankets in replacement of cranking your heat! When you take off for work in the morning, lower the thermostat a bit and turn it back up when you get home!

Happy Fall and let’s get ready for winter!